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Reiki energy reading

Reiki energy reading is an energy reading mechanism that is initiated to read the energy of a person and automatically remove the obstacles in their lives and illness. It is set as a prove of the Hermetic Law of Similarity that states that we are made energy beings and made of energy. To execute, the master(the person who performs the reading) places their palms at different parts of the body of the individual who’s energy is being read. This might last from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

It’s origin dates back from 1800 to the Japanese. It was performed through the empire to heal from diseases and obstacles. Statistics show a relatively high positivity; hence it’s popularity to this day. In 1922 however, a Buddhist monk persuaded this reading and was the head in the modern reading. Mikao Usui, the Japanese monk, performed this reading to thousands of his visitors, and over 2000 reported a positive change after. With REI meaning universal while Ki meant the light energy in the Japanese language, this reading was described as an energy reading to an individual at whatever position they are at the universe.

Reiki reading can be performed not only at an encounter with the patients at the hospitals(which lots of Europe and America hospitals nowadays seem to recommend by the way), but also can be done when the patient is far from the master. While some practitioners say they use the patient’s pictures and charms to direct the reading, others argue that they can just do the reading through the projection of thoughts and energy. All these, however, have to involve informing the patient before r them to accept the readings invocations.

Keiko’s attunement is where a is passed the knowledge of the reading by the master so that they can open up their psychic alignment and read the energy of the others. It happens in three to four phases, each phase going deeper on the attunement. The student passes through the power reading, emotional reading, and distance reading. They are directed on how to open up themselves, and they report their body lightening and tinglings after the process. They can enjoy reading patients and benefiting from healing diseases and pain. Patients report relieves in depressions, anxiety, pain, and receiving general happiness after the readings.

The Reiki attunement intends the students to become vessels of the energies and being the mother in the readings. Through the three projections, they are directed on the secrets of the energy readings, and how to detect energy that misses or fails into the body of an individual. For preparation, some students reported that they opened up themselves to the readings by being at ease and high energy prior. Others reported that they drank a combination of onion and banana juice, which is said to open the energy flow and chakras, thus making the readings super at ease. When they master the art, they are free to move their energy and lead others to attunement and the happiness delivery path.